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    Blogging for better search engine rankings


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    Re: Blogging for better search engine rankings

    Post by disha on Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:30 am

    I want to share something about blog commenting that is, it don't add much to page rank, as all say blog commenting is useful for increasing page rank, but its not so, yeah little effect can be seen but if you think of getting high page rank with blog commenting then you are dreaming.

    We do it because we want to get noticed, If you got a comment of nice post! it will get you noticed and if you add value in comments then you will be noticed by author, Ask good questions or let the author know about something that was missing in the post. Those two are just basic ideas.

    so all in all i want to say, DoFollow or NoFollow don't matters because Google is not looking into it seriously. I have posted so many comments in DoFollow blogs, but they dont added anything to my pagerank.

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