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    Importance Of Import/Export In A Home Business


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    Importance Of Import/Export In A Home Business

    Post by admin on Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:02 am

    Import/Export is an important aspect of international trade. This is the way by which the influx and outflow of products take place. Also, innumerable small products seen every day in stores, come from a number of countries all over the world in order to meet the specific demand for that product. Though this business takes place on a larger scale but with the trading becoming easier, many home based entrepreneurs are venturing in it.

    One of the fastest growing areas of home business, Import/Export needs relatively little capital for starting the business and has a very low operating cost for keeping the business running.

    So, how do these high growth areas function? This blog is a quick glance at how this work from home setup can be converted into a great business opportunity.

    * Finding Niche Markets : A Blackberry which was targeted at businessmen or the Nokia N-series or C-series targeted at youth, are examples of niche markets. The objective of Import/Export is to create a niche and fill that void. This is done by buying the product, reselling it to distributors who market the product to consumers.

    * By Local Marketing : It is based on the idea that you find out what is missing from your neighborhood and region and fill that need with an imported product. If you are aware of the need of a particular area, you can easily search for the product and sell it to local distributors who through the assistance of retail stores make it available to the consumers.

    * Finding Needs of Other Areas : Buying from other areas to fill the gap in your area is just one facet of trading. When you locate markets in other areas for the products unique to your area, the cycle is completed as the export side is taken care of.

    Requiring a little more than a coordinated effort to ensure that the products get into your country and then are distributed accordingly, an Import / Export business is a fabulous work at home opportunity. Building a good working relationship with distributors is essential so that you have a place to sell your product and this can be taken further by constantly looking out for newer markets or strengthening base in a particular area.

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    Re: Importance Of Import/Export In A Home Business

    Post by mathewross on Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:24 am

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